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Girls’ Participation

The Girls’ Participation Committee aims to bring girls into active participation within the United Nations system, especially with the Commission on the Status of Women. We help prepare, support and empower girls in their UN interactions as young delegates and ensure that girls are present, visible and heard in UN events and documents. During the Commission on the Status of Women we work to include girls as meaningful participants in parallel events and official proceedings. We meet twice a month on Tuesdays.  Please contact Committee co-chairs Ellen Fishman and Crystal Endsley for more information: and

Mission Advocacy

This committee has as its purpose to assist in making the girl child visible in documents, parallel events, and high level meetings: with permanent missions and UN agencies.

We follow the work and publications of commissions, high level meetings, the Third Committee of the General Assembly and UN agencies. In short, we are directly advocating for girls’ rights as are all WGG members. We do this in the manner described below

After preparation, we:

  1. Facilitate and share fact sheets on the potentialities and also the risks that are unique to girls
  2. Communicate our input to resolutions of the Third Committee members, work of the Commission on the Status of Women, as well as UN agencies who focus on women and children in order to make girls more visible

Our manners of advocacy are the following.

  • Early contact with key members of the UN and UN agencies.
  • Visits to key permanent missions.
  • Ongoing offering of language via e-mail.
  • Discussion with UN agencies about the need to recognize the unique needs, and also the unique contributions of girls to society.

Research and Writing

The WGG Research and Writing Committee prepares written statements for submission to UN Commissions and other meetings and develops talking points for use in advocacy.

Girls Against Violence

This committee focuses on the various violences girls face, including but not limited to trafficking, FGM, and sexual abuse, and plans educational events, usually centered around the UN calendar. For more information, please contact our Chair, Tanya Sukhija


This committee will continue to monitor the creation and implementation of the post 2015 agenda, and track where girls appear, and need to appear, in development.


This committee publishes Action for Girls, a newsletter throughout the year featuring articles by WGG members and girl advocates. One of their goals this year is to utilize social media to get Action for Girls circulating widely.


This committee focuses on fostering relationships with the private sector, the UN, and other NGOs so that WGG can continue to grow and expand as an organization.

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