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WGG Third Committee Position Statements

The Working Group on Girls provides the following responses to United Nations Agreements, Resolutions, Treaties, Conventions, Protocols, Declarations, Programmes or Platforms, and Agreed Conclusions as they pertain to Girls’ Rights.
Click for the WGG’s position statement on the following UN decisions:
  • Intensifying global efforts for the elimination of female genital mutilations – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.22
  • Intensification of efforts to end obstetric fistula – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.20
  • Literacy for Life: Shaping Future Agendas – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.9/Rev.1
  • Intensification of efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.19
  • Rights of the Child – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.24
  • United Nations Model Strategies and Practical Measures on the Elimination of Violence against Children in the Field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.5
  • Combating bullying and other types of violence against children – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.25
  • Child early and forced marriage – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.23
  • Trafficking in women and girls – Draft Resolution A/C.3/69/L.21

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