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Girls are born with the inherent and inalienable rights of all human beings. They are also born with the unique rights of childhood which will enable them to reach their full potential as individuals and members of society.

In too many parts of the world, girls experience “apartheid of gender”. Beginning from birth their fundamental rights are denied and violated. The low value placed on girls subjects them to exclusion, exploitation and violence. Lack of access to education and adequate health care, sexual abuse, female genital cutting, and too early child bearing are some obstacles that impede their full development and deprive millions of girls of the opportunity to play a productive and equal role in their societies. Today, the scourge of HIV/AIDS disproportionately effects girls in many parts of the world with increasingly destructive effects on their societies. In situations of armed conflict girls are frequent and deliberate targets of systematic rape, abduction and murder. Even in some refugee camps where they have sought protection, they are too often exploited.

Girls are the women of tomorrow. Too often the deprivations and inequalities suffered by them are accepted as their preparation for womanhood. The continuity of traditional inequities will make it impossible for girls and women to contribute to the fundamental changes needed for creating more equitable societies and sustainable development.

In preparation for CSW 57 (2012) ‘The elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls’ the Working Group on girls created 10 new advocacy sheets for use during the commission.  10 Sheets – 10 issues addressing 10 ways in which girls experience discrimination and violence.  These sheets provide you with information, resources and propose action you can commit to doing.Trafficking PDF

1. Child Marriage PDF  2. Domestic Violence and Girls PDF  3.   FGM PDF  4. Girl Child Pornography PDF  5.   Harassment PDF    6.  HIVAIDS PDF   7. Honor Killings PDF   8. Rape PDF   9. Son Preference PDF      10.  Trafficking PDF   


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