The Working Group on Girls

An NGO committee working for girls, with girls, at the United Nations

Working Group on Girls

Working Group on Girls helps elevate the voices and needs of girls globally.

It supports girls’ full and equitable participation in international meetings and events, and it allows girls to advocate on their own behalf in local and global arenas. DONATE

Recent News

Calling All Girls

This year, on October 11th, marks the 6th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl (IDG). The Working Group...

Post CSW61 and Moving Forward with the Working Group on Girls!

Thank you to all who attended this year’s CSW61 and parallel events, we hope that these two weeks of discussions...

Meet Girl Advocate Rebecca Gudzy!

Rebecca Gudzy is a proud Girl Advocate for the Working Group on Girls! CSW61 marked her fourth year as a...


We are ecstatic to celebrate Dr. Rima Salah, a Working Group on Girls Steering Committee Member, for her recent honor awarded...

Giving Girls Globally a Voice

Because of people like you, the WGG is able to engage girls annually in various events and commissions throughout the year at the United Nations, mentor girl advocates in an on-going capacity, and utilize social media to engage, educate, and learn from girls across the globe.