Reflections on CSW 58

At our April membership meeting, the Working Group on Girls shared our thoughts and impressions of CSW 58. Members reflected upon key events including: Teen Orientation, Girls Talk about the MDGs Panel, Girls Advocacy Roundtable, Inter-Generational Dialogue, and much more. WGG Girl Advocates similarly spoke about the powerful impact of girls’ participation for young people and adults alike. The following image represents a few of our collective experiences of CSW 58.

WGG CSW Word Art 2014 copy

Visualizing Progress for Girls in the MDGs

JuliaOn Thursday, 13 March 2014, WGG Girl Advocate Julia joined Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Dr. Anele Heiges and Dr. Pam Rajput for a WGG co-sponsored parallel event “Implementing Women and Girl’s Circles: A tool to vitalize progress with the Millennium Development Goals.” The event included a circle discussion for individuals to share with each other their progress, problems and solutions in achieving the MDGs for women and girls.

Julia added her voice to the conversation as a passionate Girl Advocate for girls’ human rights around the globe. You can read the full transcription of her presentation: here or you can watch the video.

Thank you to the co-sponsors of this fabulous event: Earth Child Institute, International Public Policy Institute, Women’s World Summit Foundation, Millionth Circle, Circle Connections, We are Enough, Gather the Women, and Women of Spirit and Faith.

The Power of the Vote

Beth, Anita, MarielenaOn Friday, March 28th, WGG Girl Advocate, Anita joined the National Council of Women in the US for their annual conference at Cooper Union. The Conference was about the continuum of progress towards equality for all in the US.  It brought together people from all backgrounds who care about the advancement and inclusion of women and girls in society.  Prominent women and girls in the US shared how equal rights can be reached and inspired participants to take action.

Anita spoke about the unfinished business in the feminist movement and her role in ensuring that change happens today! Check out her powerful speech and get inspired to take action for women’s and girls’ rights in the US.


Julia Talks Girls’ Rights at NYFLC 2014

atAlNpRbYxtSR2geVHAU0hivhIDxubkPPzwcwmLZUTI,YhpJS2gq0ZxPSXsGCzvEQKPvzOeVIdWXgIvanuEzeGsThis March, WGG Girl Advocate and Girls Learn International member, Julia, joined an impressive panel of women’s and girls’ rights advocates in Washington, D.C for the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference. As the second General Assembly of the Feminist Campus, NYFLC 2014 was focused on women’s rights around the globe and how feminism is part of every Millennium Development Goal – from girls’ education and the movement for gender equality in Afghanistan, to the intersections of feminism and climate change. Members of the NYFLC 2014 spoke about the importance of ratifying CEDAW in the United States, and ensuring the the MDGs advance the rights of girls and women around the world.

Check out Julia’s speech: here. Prepare to be inspired!


Anita Shares Her Story with NGOCSW

AnitaWGG Girl Advocate Anita was invited to speak with attendees of NGO CSW Consultation Day on Sunday, March 9th on the Beijing +20 Panel. Check out her amazing story: Anita at NGOCSW 2014 and share her message for the women and girls of today, and tomorrow!